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About 5 Point Perspectives

Career coaching, empowerment and transformation happen naturally when a person shifts their perspective of the challenge they face to one of hope, vision, clarity and confidence.

Want to love the work you do? Work with us! Value yourself. Invest in your future today, for a better tomorrow.


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How we support you:

Perspectives delivers unique career coaching that supports professional and career-minded individuals who are committed to their ultimate career success.

We are a boutique Career Coaching Exploration and Employment Transition Coaching support system. We are geared towards the career-minded individual, who wants to tap into their true potential and find work that fits them naturally; work they love. We provide mobile and online services; we come to you, at your convenience, at your own pace, in your own space. 

We empower people to Dream. Believe. Aim. Persist.

Work with us if you want to have access to tools and support to find your naturally suited career, job search effectively and have clarity on your overall career strategy.

We aim to make a difference and get you the career and employment results you crave.

Your career, on your terms, faster.

5 Point Pavis Approach

We value the uniqueness of each individual by providing services as unique as you are. We apply our 5 Point Pavis Approach to serve people who value themselves, want to invest in their future and are committed to discovering what careers are the best fit naturally based on Personality, Aptitudes, Values, Interests, Skills, Strengths. We consider your work preferences and then set goals to make a career change a reality. We serve individuals who are talented and experienced, but feel lost, uninspired and are spinning their wheels. We offer the tools and support to get the desired results as quickly as possible, saving time, money and frustration. We offer:

  • Resume writing, resume review, resume tips
  • Interview skills, Interview coaching, Informational interview, Interview practice, Interview questions
  • Cover letter skills, Customized cover letter, Cover letter tips
  • Networking strategies, LinkedIn & Social media strategies
  • Career Counselling, Canada Career, Career Service, Occupational decision making 
  • Post-secondary education decision making
  • Career Exploration and Employment Transition Coaching
  • Laid-off workers who want to return to the workforce
  • Short term disability, long term disability, WSIB career change