Top 11 things a Career Coach does to support their clients

A question I repeatedly get asked is “What does a career coach do?” or “How would I benefit from working with a career coach?”

I often hear comments such as:

“I hate my job, but I don’t know what else I can do!”

“I don’t know why I decided to go into this line of work.  I don’t like it and it is not a good fit for me!”

“My parents made me choose this career, I didn’t know what else to do.”

“I’m miserable and drag myself into work everyday. I’ve got to get out of there.”

“I can’t work with for that company/manager anymore, I’ve had it”.

“My health is being negatively affected by my job, I need a change.”

91% of people surveyed who have worked with a career coach rated the experience as “valuable”, “extremely valuable”, “life changing” (Source: Forbes).

Career Coaches/Counsellors support their clients by:

  1. Focusing on employment and issues around careers
  2. Supporting people to make informed decisions about their career development
  3. Offering various tools, if necessary, to assist; such as career exploration assessments, strategies and other job search tools and information
  4. Setting concrete steps they can take to achieve career objectives
  5. Assessing their professional situations with honesty, curiosity, empathy and compassion and uncover any potential “blind spots” the client cannot see on their own
  6. Boosting career confidence and motivation levels
  7. Setting and achieving career goals
  8. Discussing and overcoming challenges and obstacles
  9. Becoming an accountability partner
  10. Keeping clients focused and on track
  11. Providing emotional support when needed and hope

A coaching relationship is an intimate one. Clients express and discuss things they may not even tell the people closest to them. The partnership is built on trust, integrity, honesty and confidentiality. Typically, anyone who struggles to work well with a coach doesn’t follow through with taking action, which is why a small percentage of people who work with a coach, might not succeed.  Taking ownership and responsibility is critical.  After all, the client is at the helm, it is the coach’s job to be part of their crew to provide support to get to their destination. If you are ready to commit, take ownership, and take action, then work with a career coach.  Fortunately, some coaches have both coaching and counselling education, background and experience. 

Everybody can utilize and benefit from a coach/counsellor at some point in their career.  I know it helped me personally in the past when my career was at a crossroads.  I completed career assessments which outlined my natural, greatest potential in a career type, took ownership, created a plan of action, took the necessary steps to change careers and became a successful Career Coach/Counsellor.  I get to make a difference in the lives of my clients each and every day; a decision I have never regretted.

Jacquie Ottema is a Career Success Coach with 5 Point Perspectives – a Career Exploration and Employment Transition Coaching private practice who serves clients across Canada in a convenient, customized and confidential way.  She is an advocate for the 5 Point PAVIS approach (personality, aptitudes, values, interests and strengths) for successful career change.  She is a proud supporter of the Canadian Association of Adaptive Skiing (CADS) as an Instructor, an avid sailor, volunteers her time in the community for numerous events and causes and absolutely LOVES the work she does.

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