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As a professional Career Exploration and Employment Transition Coach, I will provide unbiased guidance and direction regarding next steps, how to accomplish them, and guide in teaching the skills you need. If necessary, I will provide professional introductions to help you expand your network and connectivity to key executives and professionals. I provide the necessary emotional support to get you through the job transition by setting weekly goals. You will find that we will typically speed up the job search process and can save you weeks and months of time wasting mistakes, provided you are committed and ready to take action.

It’s a wise move to utilize an effective learning and career coaching system to ensure and accelerate your success. Simply put, there are two major components to people’s decision making process; emotional and logical. There is no question that a person in transition is surrounded by all kinds of emotionally driven thoughts. Given a little time the emotional side will subside and be taken over by logic. That is the time to make the hard decisions. The sooner you get there – the sooner you will get employed.

Keep in mind that most significant career growth and learning in life takes place in the context of supportive trusted relationships. No matter what your circumstances may be, working in partnership with me will have profound impact and value. If you feel able and confident completing all these steps on your own, great! On the other hand, if you would like some assistance, I’m available to support you.

I want people to burst at the seams with excitement about the work or the career they have chosen. Not drag themselves into work they despise. Life is too short, make your career count. Get off the hamster wheel already.  Is today the day you take back control of your career?  Take that step and call us today.


A career changer myself, I also have over 10 years of career coaching experience, over 20 years of experience working in small, medium and large sized corporate environments in many different capacities including front line, supervisory, middle and executive level management roles.  Because of my experiences being in the wrong career fit, I now support people to break free from misery and find hope and purpose, specializing in a customized, convenient, confidential approach to career exploration and employment transition coaching; at your pace, in your own space.  I assist people to make solid career decisions based on self-discovery and determine actionable goals to get where you want to be successfully.  I am educated in Career and Work Counselling (CWC Honours) and certified in; Career and Employment Coaching (CECC), Life Skills Coaching, Training and Teaching Adults, Personality Dimensions (PD), Career Assessments and a Certified Courage Master.  My range of clients include those who are: front line workers, professionals, people who want to find their natural and ideal career fit, wanting to love their work, get more out of life, stuck in a rut, new to the workforce, terminated, returning to the workforce after an absence, new grads, feeling stressed, burnt out and need to explore the types of careers that fit YOU and YOUR life.

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Everyone needs a coach

Coaching is a powerful resource and can result in incredible transformation. Check out this video with Bill Gates as he shares his thoughts on coaching.