Vision Statement

Dream, believe, aim, persist. Everyone deserves to be happy, fulfilled and love their career or job.

Mission Statement

We partner with our clients to inspire self-awareness, discover their unique purpose, and empower them to make informed and confident career decisions using the most comprehensive tools and support called our 5 Point Perspectives Career Navigation System. Offered in a customized, convenient and confidential we-come-to-you-way.

Pay-As-You-Go  1 Hour Coaching Sessions 


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 I want to find the right career fit for me!

Career Explorer Program: 

Determine your best career fit 

Access to our 5 Point Pavis Approach, our comprehensive online career exploration assessments along with one on one career development sessions which encourages clients to make positive career decisions. We work with our clients to uncover a career that taps into their  true potential. Work they love – with passion, purpose and meaning. Find a career path that is meant for you and your unique talents!

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I want assistance with my job search!

Chart Your Course Program:

Job search strategy and success

Coaching sessions committed to creating a step by step path to conduct an effective job search strategy, assessing how well their resume, cover letter, strengths and skills align with the key competencies of the role they want. We help our clients master the interview process which can increase job offer rates by 80% on average.

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I need both!

Elite Fast Tracker Program:

Offers both career exploration AND job search strategy 

Combines both career exploration AND charting your course programs. Transitioning committed individuals into new employment opportunities they desire. For those who want to make the fastest transition possible – includes comprehensive career exploration, decision making, job search strategy coaching.

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Join in our monthly Career Chat webinar

Where we discuss your biggest career and transition challenges and solutions. 
$25/month – 8 participant maximum (coming soon!)



“We honour the strictest of confidentiality and trust, with an unbiased approach.”

Using our 5 Point Pavis Perspectives Career Navigation System, we will work together to uncover your natural fit, tap into your true potential and navigate a course to success by first exploring your personality style, aptitudes, values, interests and skills and strengths, set your course and determine a plan to get you where you want to go.

5 easy steps to success

  • Explore careers that fit you naturally
  • Discover your strengths
  • Clarify your direction
  • Plan for success
  • Take action to find a job you love

5 Point Perspectives Career Navigation System

Want to take the first step to get started? Click on the contact page and complete the information and answer the questions. I will contact you within 24 hours and we will discuss when you would like to start! Easy peasy! Sign up now and break free from career misery! Be brave, be bold, be YOU!

We look forward to connecting with you and discussing how we can help you move your career forward, one step at a time.


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Are you ready to explore, discover, clarify, plan and take action to be successful:

6 Key Transformations you will achieve:

  1. Unlock your greatness, your true potential by exploring careers that fit you naturally based on 5 key elements.
  2. Capture your value, uniqueness and strengths through self discovery.
  3. Gain career clarity and direction for what suits you best based on your unique needs.
  4. Create a clear vision and focus for moving forward.
  5. Increase confidence and motivation through inspired action to achieve solid results.
  6. Happiness, fulfillment, purpose, courage, confidence, energy and a peaceful mind and will stop spinning your wheels and start your success story using our 5 Point Perspectives Career Navigation System!