Top  6 worst career change mistakes

Lacking patience – When you’re ready for a change, you’re ready. You want it NOW. Only, it doesn’t work like that. Changing your career takes time, you need to set goals. You can’t just drop what you’ve been doing and move on to the next thing overnight. Dream, believe, aim, and be persistent.

Not doing appropriate research – What skills, education and experience do you need to make this career change? Perhaps you need to go back to school, or take an internship, or look for an interim job that will provide you with the background you need.

Having no plan – Map out the steps you will take to get from where you are to where you want to be and commit to a realistic timeframe, but aim high. Look to your friends and family to help support you and hold you accountable. Or, work with a career coach to create a concrete strategy and help keep you on track.

Not doing your networking – Get to know people in the field. Find out what publications they read and what associations they belong to. Get to know the experts in the field and stay up-to-date on new and emerging trends. Insert yourself into the world of this new career, better yet. Get an industry mentor who can guide you.

Forgetting you have to start somewhere – Remember that opportunities will expand as you grow in your new field. Determine what it’s worth to you. If this new career promises a greater sense of fulfillment in the long run, perhaps a little sacrifice is acceptable for now. Only you can make that decision.

You don’t believe it is possible – Believing the career change is possible is the undercurrent of a successful career change. If you don’t believe, perhaps it’s better to stay where you are.

Jacquie Ottema is a Career Success Coach with 5 Point Perspectives – a Career Exploration and Employment Transition Coaching private practice who serves clients across Canada in a convenient, customized and confidential way.  She is an advocate for the 5 Point PAVIS approach (personality, aptitudes, values, interests and strengths) for successful career change.  She is a proud supporter of the Canadian Association of Adaptive Skiing (CADS) as an Instructor, volunteers her time in the community for numerous events and causes and absolutely LOVES the work she does.

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