Ever been told or assume that November and December are bad times to look for work? Well I am here to confirm to you that this time frame can be very lucrative and successful. 

Allow me to give you some reasons: 

  • More than 80% of job seekers stop searching for work — competition is greatly reduced!
  • Many professionals quit this time of year, creating openings
  • Companies tie up loose ends before the new year
  • Many companies must spend their remaining budget $$$
  • Businesses wind down and have more time available to train you


  • Use the holidays to ”schmooze” – ask for advice and feedback 
  • Send holiday cards to your network of contact with your business card inside
  • Create a job search ”to do” list with at least 1 task or activity every day
  • Tap into your network and ask them for 2 more contact names who might be interested in speaking with you
  • Take seasonal work over the holidays to meet new people and assist with your bills

So get out there and connect with your contacts and potential employers — both of you will be glad you did! 

And … keep focused! … keep positive! … and keep learning! 


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